Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
The River of Life

Friday, April 17, 2015

Want to know my greatest anti-aging tool?

Anti is a prefix that means against. How can we be against aging when it is inevitable? It’s not that we are against it; it’s that we all want to take a pro-active approach to aging so that no matter where we are in the process we are able to enjoy the greatest quality of life.

Quality of life means living our lives with a certain standard of health, comfort, and happiness. It means knowing where we have been, where we are at and where we are going.

Here is my greatest pro-active anti- aging tool. Each decade I asked myself where I wanted to be a decade from now. The answer was simple. In the best physical, mental and soulful place I could possibly be. What was it going to take to get there?  I needed to focus on my health. So I took care of myself by exercising and eating healthy. Of course there is so much more to it, but this is the fundamental base for establishing a life that takes a pro-active approach to change

Like the river life will push you along, but if you move like the river with a purpose (to nourish and foster life) you will enjoy the ride. Sometimes it will be fast and furious and sometimes it will be gentle and meandering. Be prepared to meet life’s challenges (aging is one of them) with the best of you. It starts right now- take care of the most valuable thing in your life – your health!

So wherever you are right now, ask yourself where do you want to be a decade from now? Because what you do today will influence tomorrow. It’s simply the law of karmalife becomes what life does! Follow alone as each week I post a Pro-active Anti-Aging Tip!
Doctor Lynn

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