Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Two Faces in the Mirror - Proactive Aging

Which face is the one I see in the mirror? One mirror has lighting that makes me look younger, fresher and with hardly a trace of wrinkles. The other mirror shows every line, crease and flaw.  Depending upon the mirror we all proudly show our face to the world or hide it beneath the shadows of dim light. Our mood is greatly set by the person we see in the mirror. As I look to one mirror and see my aging self and then to the next and see a more youthful version of me I wonder which one of these faces am I?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered exactly what you look like? As a mirror reflecting back at you, I can tell you that all those flaws you see and wrinkles you try to hide are not visible to me. Yes it is true that good lighting can hide a multitude of sins. But it is also true that natural lighting reveals the truth and the truth is we are never what we think we look like. We are recognized by our outward appearance and quite often judged by how we look. But the real person behind the reflection reveals your true identity.

We cannot hide anger, deceit, greed and pride. The best lightening and pounds of make-up will not hide character.  We may choose to only look into the mirror that reflects back the best of our physical attributes, but it will quickly fade as soon as we walk into natural light.  The real reflection of you is not found in the mirror. It is found in your character. So reflect to the world a sense of caring, a sense of joy, compassion for all and a deep understanding of the true essence of life.  You are neither of the two faces you see in the mirror.   When you understand this you will no longer be concerned with the wrinkles and flaws. Instead you will look to your character and know from your soul that the best reflection of all is the one that respects and honors all of life for its beauty and not its flaws.  This is proactive again. Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.


Doctor Lynn

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