Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Proactive Anti-Aging – Technology is a Bitch!

Last week my computer crashed! I sank into a vast hole of desperation. I like many people in my generation am somewhat perplexed and technically challenged by the overwhelming structure called the computer and the internet.

Three days into the catastrophe and I was asking myself if I should have a meltdown, take up drinking shots of whiskey, watch TV incessantly and sleep for hours, or should I teach my yoga classes, take a week off from the computer, work manually on editing my manuscript and trust that in all good time everything would sort itself out. This to me seems the more reasonable way to go. What good would it do me to have a meltdown at this time in my life? I know what it does to your health; mental and physical. I never really liked whiskey, too much TV is boring and well I sleep pretty well anyway.

So I remind myself to be patient because it is a virtue. At this age I know that things always somehow get done, and we somehow get through each crisis, big and small.  I heard a story about the Zaidi people in Iraq and it reminded me that my problems were oh so very small. My problems are fixable. For many people in the world their problems cannot be fixed within a week. This story humbled me. The rest of the week I was grateful to have the time to teach extra classes, work on my manuscript and appreciate my life even if it is so very technically challenged. That’s not likely to change at my age. But at my age I do know that stuff happens and somehow it always works out. You just have to age and mellow a little to remind you that it’s all just stuff.  It’s all about the lessons and not about the damn computer and all that other stuff! So I’ll patiently rebuild my computer life bit by bit and bite by bite. That’s life- one bite at a time!

Enjoy each day – because each one is an adventure!

Doctor Lynn

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