Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Live to Share - Proactive Anti-Aging

We all want to find a sense of meaning and a sense of purpose in life. At a certain age you realize that purpose and meaning can be as simple as just sharing a word of wisdom.  And perhaps that is the whole meaning and purpose of life- simply to share what you have gained for the betterment of someone else.

If you think about it everything we do is a process of sharing. Life is about exchange. The challenge is in discerning the exchange that best fosters a healthy and prosperous life. This of course only comes with time and experience and both of these bring with them aging.

I now find myself in a position of mentoring young adults. I’m the older and wiser woman who can calmly still their fears and help them to see a broader perspective on life. I’m living now to share.

I admire and compliment the beautiful young women that come to my yoga and cycle classes. Many years ago I would have been intimidated and competitive. Today I see them as beautiful and I remind them to enjoy every moment of being young, energetic and physically near perfection. All too soon age creeps up on you and you find yourself advising, guiding and encouraging. Not long ago I was a young woman questioning, anguishing and confused.  That’s the nature of youth. However, experience provided me with some of life’s greatest lessons. So now I live to share because life without sharing seems pretty meaningless and without purpose.

Aging can be painful and depressing or it can be an enjoyable time to share and smile as you watch passively the wonders of youthful struggle with all the nonsense that you  now realize as you mature is meaningless.  It’s all about living so you can share. That’s proactive anti-aging!

Doctor Lynn

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