Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, November 20, 2015

My Brain is full and it doesn’t want to work anymore!

My brain feels like it just ate a big Thanksgiving meal. It feels tired and would really like a nice long nap. What is filling my brain these days is trying to keep up with technology and the world of working. Some days I just feel like as the song goes by Status Quo, “ I ain’t gonna work no more.”

It’s not the work that gets to me, but the constant needing to be online and learning new skills. But really it’s not the skills and the learning, but the fact that I just don’t want to compete in the working world any more. I know what it is like to hustle and run to make a buck and try and get ahead. The truth is we never really get ahead. Sure may-be we have made our money and hopefully have a nice retirement, but as soon as you get to retirement they extend the average lifespan  and we wonder if the money we have will last into our really, really old age?!

I find myself slipping behind. And I don’t really care. However, I find myself now becoming a mentor to lots of younger people. They ask for my advice and look to me to encourage them. Today I am meeting with a young woman who is developing an app program. She wants me to give her some input, as if I know anything?! Actually she wants to show me what she has developed and our meeting is a deadline for her to have it ready to show me.   I’m only too happy to help. However, I also want to ask her how to make something go viral. She tells me she knows how to do this and I am curious as to how it happens.

So even though my brain is full it still is curious. It wants to understand, but not to go through all the processing and agonizing of implementation. Because in life it is not what you know or even who you know that counts. It’s how you execute an idea that makes for success. You can have all the knowledge and all the money, but if you don’t have the competitive edge…well it’s not going to happen.

Competitive drive creates stress and stress advances the aging process. I have decided to take a proactive approach to aging. Ideas are a dime a dozen. They come and they go, but to make it all happen takes time, energy and focused hard work. I’ve got the time and I’ve got the money, but I think I’ll put  my feet up, mentor the kids and  do what I like because “I ain’t gonna work no more!”

Doctor Lynn

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