Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Girls Love to Dance – Proactive Aging

When asked by three women in their seventies what I teach I replied, “Spin, yoga and dance.”  Their faces lit up with delight! “Dance”, they proclaimed, “what fun!” I explained that the dance class was designed to work the entire body in a gentle and fun way. Anyone can do it and the ones who do it really love it because it is fun. Immediately they were intrigued and asked where they could find my DVD. of course!

I created Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Yoga Dance as part of my recovery from cancer surgery, but mostly as a dance yoga program that would give the participant the most bang for the buck. It includes yoga moves for balance, strength and flexibility, as well as low impact easy aerobic dance and a short meditation at the end; combining all five components of the perfect workout.

Flexibility, balance and strength are all components for keeping us fit as we slide into the later years of life. Lose one you will surely lose all. Keep practicing and you will retain your balance, range of motions and stability. We also need to add the aerobic component to keep the heart strong, the brain humming and weight under control. The meditation is like the icing on the cake. It is sweet and smooth rounding off the texture of this recipe for good health and fitness.

Girls love to dance. No matter what age; girls love to dance. Something about music turns quiet mice into roaring lions. So girls - get up and dance because the best way to stay young in body, mind and soul is to kick up your heel, throwback your head and move your body.   When it comes to aging, be proactive. Balance, flex, strengthen, dance and relax.

Doctor Lynn

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