Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Proactive Aging – The Familiar

What I love about traveling is that just when the familiar starts to get boring you change the scenery and get a fresh look on life. Something about traveling keeps you young at heart. I think it is the sense of adventure that feeds my soul. It is like being a child again and learning something new. Every time I travel I am always amazed at what I learn. Most times I return with such a different point of view.

Most recently I went to Nashville and Memphis. What I found was a slower and a friendlier pace. I had just come from New York where the congestion and noise slightly over whelmed me even though I live in LA. It’s different in New York. Life is moving at a fast pace.

 The people were so friendly in Tennessee. The whole state was so clean, upbeat and vibrant with life. The history was deep. Did you know that at one time Tennessee was the western border line for the U.S.? The heart and soul of American music was born in Tennessee and is still alive today.

But what I love the most about traveling is missing the familiarity of home. It always feels good to get back to the comfort of my own bed, my own tattered slippers and my comfy robe. Back on the couch watching the familiar TV shows appreciating the comfort of home. Traveling makes me feel the youthful tug of adventure and coming home gives me the warmth of the familiar.  That’s why I like to travel. It reminds me to stay open and inquisitive while grounded and secure because no matter where I wander I always know there is no place like home. Want to stay young? Travel because around the corner there is always something new to learn.

Doctor Lynn

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