Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, September 16, 2016

I feel my age this week – Proactive Aging

My arthritis is kicking up this week. It is making me a little tired. I feel my age this week although I hate to admit it. Admitting it will not accomplish anything but slow me down and I don’t want to slow down. What I would like is about 20 percent more energy than I feel these days and no more aches and pains. That’s not a lot to ask; is it?

Proactive aging means to be positive about aging while at the same time doing whatever you can to slow the process and improve the quality of your life. Arthritis will slow you down if you let it. It can also motivate you to keep moving and seek out alternatives to drugs and toxic medicines. Moving the body while using the breath creates a flow of movement that is supportive and kind. This is what is needed to ease the burden of arthritis.

Kindness is important when it comes to aging. Frustration and anger only makes the whole process worse. Nobody ever said it was great growing old. Aging creates limitations, but those limitations don’t need to define us or prevent us from doing the things we love. We just need to be kind to ourselves and make small adjustment and modifications.

Modification means being flexible and willing to adjust to each situation without becoming weak and unforgiving. Life changes from decade to decade. Some of the changes create a deeper and greater strength and some take it away. What is taken away is always replaced with something more dearly needed. As my physical stamina gives way to my sense of wisdom I realize that feeling my age is not such a bad thing. The body may struggle and finally succumb to aging, but the wisdom gained through a life lived has taught me to pace myself because my age is just a number and the numbers run out at some point. Pacing gives me time to enjoy the little things in life that I missed when I was younger and didn’t feel my age.

Doctor Lynn

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