Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Handbag Dilemma Time for a Purge– Proactive Aging

Recently I have begun to feel some soreness and pain in my shoulders. This is partly due to the onset of arthritis, as well as over working my body and carrying heavy handbags. Suddenly those large handbags filled to the brim with all sorts  stuff, such as my sunglasses, my wallet, my phone, my bottle of water, my sweater, my keys, my comb and my lipstick are starting to affect how I feel. Not to mention that some of my handbags are heavy in and of themselves. Time for a purge.

I have started to consider the weight of my handbags. Ten to fifteen pounds would be about right. This weight is dead weight I carry of my shoulder or dangling from my arm. In the last year I have gotten tennis elbow and a damages rotator cuff most likely from exercising too much, but also exaggerated by the weight of my handbags.

The first thing I did was feel the weight of my handbags without any content. If heavy they are being tossed away. My new bags are the light weight tote handbags. I am getting them in size large not so I can put more in, but so that what I put in gets distributed throughout the bag.

What do I need?  I need my driver’s license, a credit card and a little cash. I also need my keys and my cell phone. My sunglasses are a must, but I can wear them. A comb and lipstick will get me through any situation. Now my bag is light and I am free from the burden of carrying all that weight.

I try to carry my handbag straps nestled into my bent elbow to avoid the pull of the bag from stretching and hurting my tendons. Sometimes I slip it up onto my shoulder, but always make sure I slip it from shoulder to shoulder to even out the strain.

When I was younger I didn’t concern myself with tendons, shoulders, joints and pain. But now that I am getting older I realize that purging a few things is good for the body, the mind and the soul. How much do I really need? I am purging myself of the heavy things in life, like excess weight and unneeded items. Aging has taught me that too heavy a load creates drooping shoulders and an aching body, mind and soul.  Take some time to purge and lighten the load because some things in life are just too heavy to carry. They will just weigh you down and cause you pain. Only carry what you need. That’s a proactive approach to aging. Lighten up because it is good for your body, your mind and your soul. Dilemma settled!

Doctor Lynn

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