Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Sacred Vessel - Building Healthy Relationships -Proactive Aging

The sacred vessel is the container of everything and everything is in relationship to everything else. Although relationships are important, throughout life, as we age we all realize that not all relationships in life will be sacred. Some will bring us grief, misery and pain. However many will bring us friendship, love and joy  

To build this sacred vessel, we must first be clear about our intentions. Openness is required. We must open ourselves to everyone and to all opportunities, for growth is inherent in all of life. Truth is fundamental – first within ourselves and then extended to others. We must also be committed to nurturing and maintaining the sacred vessel of relationships. Without the walls that form the sacred vessel openness, trust, and commitment we cannot sustain its strength.

Once we have created the sacred vessel, we can use it as the foundation for developing relationships within and without that are healthy and harmonious. Then we can implement certain principles that will act as guides along the path of sacred love.

Build the vessel with openness, trust and commitment.

Doctor Lynn


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