Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Proactive Anti-Aging - The It Bag!

It’s the handbag you have to have, until you notice that everyone else has to have this bag and then it loses its appeal.  But if you were younger you would buy it anyway.

Maturity brings with it a sense of freedom. No longer do you feel dictated to buy the “it” of the moment. However, a woman is always a woman no matter the age and a woman will always love a nice handbag. I am no different and so I decide to hunt for my own personal “it” bag. It had to be versatile and comfortable. No longer would I endure discomfort for the sake of fashion. It also had to be stylish and make a statement. Maturity gives you permission to speak your own mind.

So I began to search for just the right it bag that did not make me look old, did not make me look like everyone else and did not make me look dated. Proactive anti-aging to me means I don’t date myself. Getting hung up in an outdated style immediately gives away your age.

After several futile attempts at finding the right bag I must say that a certain PVC tote made it to the bottom of my list. Not because it wasn’t versatile, functional and attractive, but because it was the handbag that everyone was wearing so it had lost its appeal. I bought one for summer. Then I began to see it popping up everywhere on the streets. So I sold it and made a profit. With the money I began to search for my own individual it bag.

What was it I was trying to say? I wanted a statement bag and not just an “it” bag. I wanted to be proactive in my hunt. Being proactive means creating a situation, rather than simply responding to something. So my search began by taking a proactive approach to finding the right bag rather than responding to what everyone else was wearing. My statement: having the freedom to be different rather than responding to the dictates of the marketing world.

But I love the PVC effect. It’s better than leather. Or is it? Leather requires tanning and tanning is bad for the environment. PVC requires manufacturing using toxic chemicals and it too is bad for the environment. I have grandchildren so if I don’t try and do something good for the future of the world my grandchildren may suffer. Such a dilemma!

Then I found eco leather. Suddenly I felt young again. I flashed back to my old hippie days when we marched to end the war, for civil rights, women’s rights and to save the environment. Earth Day began in 1970 as a by-product of my generation. In the sixties and seventies I was young and full of ideals. Somehow those ideals had slipped beneath the surface as I struggled to mature. There were times when I simply conformed and followed the crowd.

It was eco leather that led me to two high end Italian designers with flagships stores in Milan. Could this be where I would find my statement bag? First I found a handbag described as being sexy and bold and then I found a handbag that was described as for the open minded, art- loving, exotic, sometimes ethnic and other time’s bohemian woman. I found my statement! And the two bags together cost less than the PVC tote I was trying to avoid. They both were made of Eco leather. They both were bold and spirited, but with a touch of class. Eureka! I think I found my “It” bags.

I found two “it” bags that both made an individual statement. If maturing has taught me one thing it is not to be afraid to express who I am. Wisdom is the beauty of aging. In a flash of wise insight there comes a moment where who you are becomes more important than who you are trying to be.

Bear with this little digression that will lead bag to my statement bag. One day I took a photo class for my new IPhone 6. In my class was a young girl about twenty-four who lives in my building with her mother. She has pink hair and is quite artsy. She noticed me right away and we bonded immediately. She was wild and free, friendly and warm. She reminded me of myself at her age. I loved the wild and free side of life.

Several weeks later and after I had purchased my statement handbags I ran into Channel (yes that is her name) in the elevator. She went on and on about how much she loved my handbag. I thanked her and I smiled with delight. If Channel loved my handbag I had made my statement. I’m not losing my wild and free spirited touch. I’m still marching to my own drum and the young kids want to march along with me. Suddenly I felt young again.

My Proactive anti-aging tip – leave the “it” behind and make a statement that says I am free, spirited and never follow the crowd. I’m not “it”; I’m me and that “me-ness” will make you feel bold and feisty just like you did when you were young.

And another thing about a statement bag; if it’s cute enough you can always use it to put a bag over your head on those days when you just don’t want to be seen. Sometimes it’s nice to pull a bag over your head and take a break. Here is another thing you can do with a statement bag.

When a guy (or girl) is too ugly to look at their face, if you put a bag over their head then you can be with them without guilt. Tip; If you use a European designer bag, it makes them look even better.

Keep making your statement and you’ll be surprised how young you’ll feel!


Here’s to being it!

Doctor Lynn

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