Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Proactive Anti-Aging - Purifying the Soul


They say that a drenching of water from the Ganga River in India will purify the soul. It is also said that adventure awakens and enlightens the soul. If you want to stay young you have to be willing to venture out and attempt to do something that expands your horizon. But it must be done with care and a little thought.

When chronologically young we feel the invincibility of youth. Everything is a new challenge. Experience is yet to be earned. As we age we begin to pay for our youthful escapades.  There are the  times when we jumped head on into rollicking and rolling feats that left us in our later years with memories of pain and arthritic tenderness as our badge and testament of our courage or stupidity. Experience teaches us that sometimes it is best to pause for a moment and assess the situation before jumping in. Maturity teaches us to evaluate the risk.

As I arrived in Rishikesh India and headed for my lodging at the upper end of the Ganga River I was met by a group of young water sports guides. They greeted me with such enthusiasm as they informed me that part of my stay included a rafting trip down the Ganga. OMG I thought, can I really do this?

There were two levels of rafting. One was a short four mile easy ride and the other was a sixteen mile rather intense ride. I opted for the short ride. Suited and ready to go my team mates (all three about thirty-five) kept pestering me to complete the full ride. They needed me to balance out the raft and to balance out the energy and fun. So after the first four miles will little more than a bit of paddling and one small set of rapids I was easily persuaded to finish the sixteen mile ride. OMG I was now committed.

Three hours, sixteen miles and about ten really wild rapids later I finished the ride soaked from the Ganga River. I purified my soul and awakened it to the youthful joy of doing something for the first time that left a lasting impression on my being.  I’m not invincible and I know enough to pick my challenges wisely.  I am strong and in good shape so I knew I could handle the job of navigating the rapids on the Ganga. I also knew my soul felt free flowing with the river in the midst of nature on a beautiful spring day in the land of peace and serenity. Now I can honestly say the Ganga purified, awakened and enlightened my soul and that is proactive anti-aging at its best!

Doctor Lynn    

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