Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, April 22, 2016

On Line Shopping and Aging – A Proactive Approach

What does on line shopping have to do with aging? On line shopping makes it way too easy to find a bargain, way too quick to push the confirm order button, a surprise when the package arrives so fast and a wonderful feeling when the stuff fits! Aging is way too easy. It just happens. It also happens way too quickly commanding you to hit the confirm your age button.  It is such a surprise at how fast a certain age appears and a nice feeling when it fits with a sense of comfort. After all isn’t comfort one of the great things about aging?

Shopping is no longer about a trend. It is about finding something cute, comfortable and stylish enough to not make me look my age, but also cover up the unappealing wrinkling and cracking parts of my body. Most particularly I mean the knees and the arms. To me nothing gives a woman’s age away like a pair of shorts showing her sagging and wrinkling knees. Now you may say well at this age shouldn’t we just let it all hang out? No problem, I say, but do it with a little thought.  That’s why the short Gods made capris. Sexy, cute, summery and covering those sagging knees capris are ageless.  

I wish I could stop online shopping. I wish I could stop aging. But just like the same old clothes get boring staying the same age forever would also get boring. There is a thrill in pushing the place order button on my computer.  It means something new. Isn’t that what each birthday brings; a new year?  So if I can only get that same thrill when my birthday rolls around as I do hitting the place order button I will have a proactive approach to aging.

Doctor Lynn

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