Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Boots I Love – Proactive Aging

Yesterday I pulled from my closet a pair of boots that I have not worn in a very long time. They matched my outfit and looked oh so good. My sweater is grey with a trim of yellow. My boots are grey suede with a yellow trim and yellow heel. The outfit popped and came alive with the addition of these boots. But the boots are pointed toe with a three inch heel! Sexy? Yes! Comfortable? Sort of! But what to hell I said to myself, they look great with the outfit and I am not going to be doing a lot of walking or standing on my feet.

However, I was on my way to the foot doctor. I like most people my age have a spot on the ball of my foot that builds up a callus from a lack of fat. The feet lose that fatty cushion as we age and it often creates a callus. No problem. It simply needs to be removed. So I was off to the doctor. I do know that my boots are not the best things to put on my feet as the pressure from the heel increase the growth of the callous and to add to that I have a mild bunion that gets worse with high heels. But what to hell I said to myself, they look so great with my outfit.

The doctor remarked on my choice of grey and yellow. I laughed and said I hoped it brightened up the day. He then glanced at my grey and yellow boots. Without a word I could read his mind. Wow those are nice boots and I bet they look great with that outfit, but if she continues to wear them I am sure to see her again real soon.

Now this might make me think twice about wearing the boots again accept that my foot Doctor happens to be extremely handsome and charming. So to have him handle my foot while casting me his handsome smile just might make me want to wear these boots a lot more even though I know they will eventually hurt my feet.

I asked him about wearing heels and he said as long as it was for short periods of time, I did not stand on my feet for long or do a lot of walking I should be fine. Ok I am wearing my boots!

I am not ready to let my boots go. They are a symbol of youth and well they do make me feel tall, thin and sexy when I wear them. Aging is all about compromise and adjustment. We need to shift trend for comfort. But sometimes it is just too damn much fun to give up the boots. So I’ll wear them occasionally knowing that someday I will have to let them go just like many things in life. There is a time and there is a season for everything. Knowing when to hang on and when to let go is a part of aging. Damn I love these boots!  So I think I’ll hang on for a little bit more.

Doctor Lynn

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