Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips

Pro-Active Anti-Aging Tips
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Selling My Mini Skirts - Proactive Anti-Aging

This week I decided to sell my miniskirts on e- bay. They have been sitting in my closet for quite a while. I reckon I will never wear them again. Now is that admitting my age or is that being proactive by letting go of something I no longer need? Some might say this is giving in to my age and others would say I am being sensible. A sixty plus woman in a mini skirt is not a pretty sight although you have to admire a middle age women who has the guts to still wear shorts and miniskirts.

But really now that I think about it, miniskirts never were very comfortable. If you bent over your butt was exposed. When you sit it rides up. When you get up you need to make sure it is pulled down. You can’t run, climb or lounge in a mini skirt. Legs need to be shaved and in perfect shape to pull off a miniskirt. That’s a lot of pressure and not a lot of fun.

It’s not that I’m giving them up because I feel old. It’s that I would rather be comfortable and enjoy my time not pulling, adjusting and worrying. I’d rather admire the young girls wearing miniskirts reminding myself that this time in life is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can, but when it is time to let go sell it on e-bay.

Doctor Lynn

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